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The mission of Discenza Business Continuity Solutions is simple: to make the resilience of your business our business. We do that through Business Continuity Planning services listed below. If you’re looking to get a jump start on your planning,  download our FREE template for business continuity planning and contact our team today to help further develop your plan and identify your weaknesses!

Risk Analysis & Business Impact Analysis

A Risk Analysis (RA) will identify the threats and vulnerabilities faced by your company and whether or not controls are in place to mitigate the risks.

A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) identifies a company’s exposure to sudden loss of critical business functions and supporting resources, due to an accident, disaster, emergency, and/or threat. The BIA involves assessing both financial and non- financial (customer service, market confidence, creditor or supplier confidence) costs during business disruption and business restoration periods.

The output of the Risk Analysis is a list of the loss types for which your business is vulnerable and has no controls in place.

The output of a BIA is used to prioritize the order in which business services are restored after a business interruption.

Business Continuity Plan Creation

Working with the assigned management team and using the results of the Risk Analysis (RA) and Business Impact Analysis (BIA), we will create a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) designed to address the different loss types for which the company is at risk (i.e. loss of building, loss of distribution channels, loss of supply chain, etc.) in order to restore the critical functions of the business.

Revising Current Business Continuity Plans

If you have an existing business continuity plan but haven’t updated it within the past 6 months, it could be seriously outdated. You don’t want to discover that during a business interruption. We will do a thorough review of your plan and revise and update it as needed.


Disaster Recovery Plan Testing Exercises

No plan is truly complete until it’s exercised. We will work with your team to create desktop exercises that will test the plan and your team’s ability to implement the plan.


Post–Business Disruption Debriefing

As a service to existing customers, we will conduct a “pro bono” debrief of your business continuity team should a disruption occur and you invoke your plan. The purpose will be to determine what worked well, what didn’t, and where improvements needs to be made.

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